'00 YZ426F & K&N Air Filter what a match!

I recently installed my new K&N air filter [after cleaning my Twin-Air and deciding I'd had enough] on my '00 YZ426F. Never been so dirty as when "cleaning" a foam air filter! :devil: Anyway... I installed the K&N and I don't know if it's just wishfull thinking on my part or not... but the bike just seems much more responsive. All that fresh air must be doing something good for it. Still haven't done the BK-mod [need to clear a space in the garage to work properly]. But at the moment... the bike is running great! Anyone else have good/bad luck with the K&N? :thumbsup:

Is the filter foam or is it like the ones you put in a truck?

Just like the one in my truck. Works great in the 02-426, I almost enjoy cleaning it. Get a filter skin for it, they work awsome, just don't forget you got it on there, because they tend to clog quick, I take mine off and wash it every ride, takes about 2 minutes and keeps the KN clean for a long time.

K&N haters chime in......now!!

So it is pleated too? If it is i'm sold!

The filter is made just like the one(s) I have in my car/truck. I've been pleased with the results... next on the list is a K&N for my MAGNA.

When I first saw the filter it looked exactly like a "little car filter". The installation is quick, clean and easy. They [K&N] supply a little tube of grease for the seam between the filter and the airbox. All in all... 5 minutes to remove the old [Twin Air] and install the K&N.

For me it was well worth the $56! oops... all that talking and I didn't answer your simple question... yes it is pleated. :thumbsup:

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