larger rear sprocket=larger chain???

So I'm upgrading my stock chain and sprockets. I currently have a 14/50 with I think a 114 link chain~all stock. I want to go to a 14/52 combo. :devil: It would make sense that I'd need to get more links to fit a larger diameter sprocket. Is this true? How many links?

Thanks again for all the wisdom at this site :thumbsup::awww:

115 links should do you just fine. 114 will not fit. :thumbsup: Or you can put on a 13 tooth front an keep the stock chain 114 link chain. That way you can go back and forth with gearing without having 2 sets of chains. :devil:

Actually it will fit. I run a 52 rear for mountain riding and a 48 rear in the desert both with the stock chain. It's a little tight around the rear chain guard but it does work. I like the 52 rear better than running a 13 front as it's not quite as big a jump in gearing.

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