Radiator Guards What is the Best Kind?

I have a stock 01' WR426 and I am looking to put a radiator guard on it. Is there any particular brand that is better than the others or are there any I need to avoid?

I hear from time to time about radiators boiling. I ride alot of single track - sometimes slow and technical. Does this have any effect on what brand/model I should buy?

Thanks for the advice!

These are the ones I got here in Australia, I looked at a few and found these ones have the little fins that still direct the air to the radiator,

There made by ballards :thumbsup:

My rad gards

i use flatland racing rad. gaurds, they seem to offer the most protection. the grill wraps around the front, and a bar goes around the back. even with these gaurds, my radiators have suffer from some shots to the top and bottom most likely caused by rocks.

as for heat, you can have a hot radiator or a smashed radiator. i dont mind the heat.

I have a set of Devol rad guard. They give great protection. I know, I crash a lot :devil::thumbsup:

Rooster performance are the ones that I use. Easy to install and offer the best protection! :thumbsup:

Check out www.unabiker.com

Brian is a great guy and makes an awesome product.

For maximum protection, I suggest using a radiator guard (I have devols, but flatlands look good also) and modifying a rad brace to bolt to it. Most guard designs will still fold backwards. The brace keeps that from happening. I also beefed up the WC braces by fabing some 1/8 in plate same shape as the brace and bolted it on the side to the rad. Monster strong now :thumbsup:


I have Devol's guards and they have survived many a crash on my WR and the old KX I used to have. :thumbsup:

Devol's are tough.

I will swear by Flatlands. They have saved two radiators for me. The last time just short of the barrels at a harescrambles I came down with a small case of target fixation. Ran right into the tree I was looking at. I mostly (luckily) missed the tree with my person getting a just scraped up by it and flew out into the woods. Both the flatlands and the radiator flange next to the frame were bend pretty bad. I was able to straighten everything out without any leaks. If I had most of the the other guards which look like they mostly protect against roost I know they would have been cleaned right off the bike.

The Flatlands go all the way around the radiator back to the frame and do not touch the radiator in their normal state :-).

So far I like the Devol's........ :thumbsup:


Ditto on the Unabiker guards. They have four attachments points on each guard (two in front of the rad., and two behind), and they are slightly angled near the bottom for extra strength. They are well made and very bombproof.

I have devols on my WR and the ol' YZ. I once ran into a tree on the YZ :thumbsup: It hit the middle of the rad gurard. It broke the guard (which I welded back together)and marginally bent the radiator mount, but without it the radiator would have been history.

Funny I came across this thread today.

I am dong the final pre-production fitting this afternoon of my WR/YZ426 rad guards.

The 426 guards are very similar to the WR450 guards, with 2 attachment points in front, and one in the rear, sharing a mounting point with the engine bracket. These are a 2 piece guard/brace combination, with a reinforced rear brace that will help eliminate squashed rads, no matter what direction the hit comes from.

Here are some pics. I'll have some on bike pics later this evening.


They will be on sale starting tomorrow for $85.00 + shipping.

Rooster Performance :thumbsup:

Check out www.unabiker.com

Brian is a great guy and makes an awesome product.

I waited for a month before UNABIKER's were available for my bike and they work great. I'm a short guy and if not moving I tend to drop my bike on hills, numerous side impacts on both sides . I also run into trees with my left side radiator mostly and no signs of damage to rad or guards. Only had to modify right side to fit a 3.4gal GYT-R tank.

Thanks for the plug Treebark! Glad you like 'em. :devil:

I put the 426 on-bike pics up on my site last night.

Scroll down about 3/4 of the page.



I think this thread cursed me! The rear end of the WR got away from me in a sand berm today :thumbsup: After I got my left leg out from under the spinning back wheel and got the bike going again, I noticed the LH rad guard had cracked near one of the front mounts. Just as well I fix welders for a job so it's no biggie to fix it. It's a bit of a catch 22 situation though. They need to be made out of 90% holes for the airflow, but then they crack in a small crash.

I looked at their site, but they do not publish a price. How much does the radiator guards cost?

Hope you don't mind me asking.


DD :thumbsup:

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