WR shock on a YZ?

In my continuing effort to make my YZ400 more trail-friendly I'm looking for a low-cost way to soften the rear suspension for the rocky woods riding I do. It feels way too stiff most of the time, especially climbing rocky hills where the rear end is all over the place. Backing off the damping doesn't help. Does anyone know if a used WR shock would fit and do the job?


Jack Fogelberg

Auburn, WA

I think there the same. Go get your suspension done by a pro. Got mine done by moto-pro and love it. Can go 2 gears faster through the trails!

I'm pretty sure it would fit but I think a good revalve on your shock should be cheaper than buying another shock.


The shock length changed in 2002. The earlier shocks are 5mm shorter. Make sure you buy the right size.

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