Over Heating?

My 2002 426f was idling for about 15 minutes (just running in my driveway after some routine maint) and it started puking radiator fluid (overheating)out of the overflow tubes. Is this due to no movement? Before I start tearing it a part to make sure all is well, I was wondering if this is something that happens often to other 426 owners.

This bike is new to me and I just don't know the ins and outs just yet. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm suprised it idled that long befor boiling over, you should never let the bike idle for more than a min. or so after it is warmed up. These bikes have a cooling system that requires air movement through the radiator. So to answer your question, yes it is normal for one to overheat while idleing.

Ditto! never idle the bike except for a minute when cold starting. :thumbsup:

Not to rub it in but ditto as well. A while back someone posted something saying they put their bike in the back of the truck running while they drove to their destination. He claimed that the moving air as the truck drove was good enough. Even that's a bad idea in my opinion.

If you had a thermostat on your bike you would see first hand how bad it is to let your bike sit while not moving. Could cause a meltdown in your driveway.

After I do mods I usually start her up and drive it around the block, usually end up pushing it home cause I messed something up :thumbsup:

Yeah, that is normal. It's water cooled but the radiators need air moving through them . I'm surprised it took that long too.

The WR's tend to overheat too easily while not in motion in my opinion. Kind of a bummer down in a technical wash with warm temps. Seem's like someone told me about an aftermarket impellor to replace the original in the water pump. It's supposed to circulate more fluid. Anyone hear of this?

boyesen water pump kit, really smoothed it out! before i put it on it would heat up at slow speed now it doesn't. :thumbsup:

any link to find it?

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I don't see any impellors or kits for earlier WR400s. Any other suggestions, different manufacturers?

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