00 426 stalling in air

sup guys, ran into a problem this week at the track, bike kept stalling in the air when, i turned up the idle at the track and the problem went away, just want to know if this was the correct form of action, or if there is a hidden problem. Thanks! :thumbsup:

man that's one of my biggest fears [at least while riding]. Are you doing any type of "acrobatics"? Whips? or anything that is putting the bike out of "normal" alignment?

Aside from a simple idle adjustment [which you've already done] I'm wondering if perhaps you have a clogged jet or carb in need of a little TLC [read "cleaning"].

Brainstorming here... could be you've already solved the issue with the idle adjustment.

When was the last time you did the following:

1: Clean Carb (Take Complete Apart)

2: Clean Air Filter

3: Change Plug

4: Adjust Valves

Look at this Thread Good info on the same issue

Stalling in mid air

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