Mounting a cycling computer?

Hey Folks,

I saw this question in the General Forum and thought you might want to see it here too. Below is my response to Kawboy373 FYI.

This is how I did it on my '01 YZ426F.

I ran mine straight up the back of the brake cable and secured it with a piece of black electrical tape. I ran the tape straight up the cable as well, not around the cable. The wire should be small enough that you can center the tape on the wire and have enough to still stick well to the brake cable. I used the taping procedure up to to just above the cable guide on the lower triple clamp. ( I had the bike on a main stand so that the forks were extended out fully.) I bought some plastic wire "harness" from a local electronics store to help secure the wire from where I stopped the tape. If you want to PM me and I'd be glad to send pictures.

I used this "harness" wrap to allow the wire some movement along the upper brake line so that the wire doesn't brake. My buddy, JohnB, came up with this idea after he had broken a number of computer wires on his bike. You want to wrap this around the wire loosely to allow slight movement. I used the harness wrap from where the wire attaches to the brake line to just above the cable guide on the lower triple clamp.

As a precaution, on the lower region of the brake line, I did wrap the vertical strip of electrical tape with one or two strips of tape that went all the way around the brake line. I did this just to secure the vertical piece of tape in two places.

It turns out to be a very clean installation.

If anyone is interested I've posted pictures to a web site below.


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