WR/YZ 426 Zip Ty fuel tank?

Okay, I just received my new/used Zip Ty tank. I've got a couple questions I hope someone can help with.

I was aware that I would probably need the remote hot start. Now I sure see that I will. Are most people happy with the Zip Ty hot start?

Also, how the heck do you use the choke? Or is it accesible with the remote hot start installed? It sure is tight in there!

One last thing. I bought a tank that had been used as a dry break. I am installing an aluminum threaded collar and cap, but there is also a small hole on the side of the tank for?? I assume it was for a breather? Zip Ty sent me a small fitting to go in the hole and I believe to attach some hose to? Any help is appreciated. Thanks...Ty

I'm mostly happy. The choke requires you to be off the bike and without gloves to wiggle your fingers up in there to get it on and off. I prefer the Dr. D hot start. There are also some fit issues with aftermarket headers. The FMF powerbomb requires you to flip the right petcock 180deg. and use a spring of appropriate size over the fuel line. The spring allows the fuel line to make a nice bend without kinking. I used a 4 in. long spring(compressed coil type) and stretched it out to about double the length. You can then wind the spring onto the fuel line starting at the petcock. I also used a ziptie at the back motor mount and one at the petcock to keep the fuel line out of the way. I just recently changed to a Dr. D exhaust and it actually made contact with the tank at the kink behind the kickstart. To fix that I put a 1/4 spacer under the rear tank frame rubber, so that it pivoted the tank up in the back. I also added header wrap. The way the tank is situated down around the cylinder and close to the pipe it still gets hot even with header wrap, soI will be adding some heat reflective tape to the underside of the tank.

Even though it has some issues, I still like it due to the shape and the fact that it lowers the fuel CG. :thumbsup:

I also used an o-ring instead of the ill fitting petcock gasket. The petcock has a groove like it was made for an o-ring. I used one that fit in the groove and had enough crush to seal, but wouldn't be to large when crushed to overfill the groove.

Note: I have the latter petcock with a standard on/off/reserve and rear facing exit.(Front facing exit if flipped like mine is.)

Thanks for the input.

Why do you like the Dr. D hot start better? Any particular reasons?

I assume your talking about the secondary petcock? Mine is a used tank and came with a kind of cheesy screw knob petcock. I may change that if I can come up with something better.

I think I will be real happy with the tank design overall though. Except maybe the choke access. Or lack of. Thanks again....

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