Question.....blowing oil into air box???? HELP!

....i have an 83 XL600 after a short ride i noticed that oil was driping from the air box, after a little clean up it was fine and went for another ride, again it started driping oil out of the air box and the crank case filter is full of oil...

now my question is what would cause that? would anyone know? thanks in advance for your help..

the bike has 11k miles and was serviced about 800 miles ago

Sounds like the bike has too much oil in it. This is easy to do on the dry sump engines like the 600 if they don't know how to properly check the oil level.

Possibly over filled with oil :thumbsup::devil:

you know after the service i never bothered to check the oil i just assumed that it was ok!!! i will check and see if its over full. Quite a-lot of oil has already leaked out but i will check it and see. Thanks and i will let you know what i find... Mike

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