Is it worth it??

I found an 98 YZ400F for $1500, my only purpose with this bike is to make a profit. The Bike has slipping clutches (not too bad) and otherwise it runs great. Its all stock, what kind of price would it bring if I sold it after fixing the clutches?

I'd say a little bit of research here will go a long way. I'd search, and even or NADA to get an idea of what they are being advertised for currently. Then you can gauge your decision on whether or not you intend to spend more money to correct the problems and how much you will be able to get back.

If its really clean and runs good i would say you could probably get 2000-2300 for it...factor in your probably going to spend 200 bucks for a clutch and to fix anything else that might be wrong. You could probably make a couple hundred bucks but you need to ask yourself if you want to spend the time trying to do it.

if your paying 1500 and doing clutches it sounds like might break even. one of my friends just picked up a 99 400f for 1800 and only had to do fork seals.

ok, sounds like there is little or no margain in this. oh well :thumbsup:

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