Light Speed "CR" front brake hose routing kit

I have ordered a Light Speed CR brake hose kit for my '02 426. Has anyone here used this kit and are there any quirks to watch for. I wanted a firmer feeling front brake as I use it much more that my rear most of the time on the track. Thanks in advance for any tips and input.


Just make sure you have some sort of fork protectors on the upper tubes like stickers or something. They will scratch them without the plastics on the top of the lower fork protectors.

I got them as well,but i bought the cr style fork gards as well.For whatever reason to me it seems as though the line is a little short!Not much but it is pulling againstthe number plate and messing up my new so cal back grounds :thumbsup:

Just be sure to put the end with the bent banjo connection up top!I still love mine!

I ordered mine just after they appeared here on Thumpertalk. I have not had a moments trouble with it. My bike looks factory with these guards and my Tim Ferry fender.

I used a fastline brake line instead of the supplied Galfer unit. I broke a galfer line from my hand hitting the mastercylinder and swore I woudl never use one again.

Overall, I woudl buy the kit again.

Thanks for the pointers and replies. i will post back when I get the set up installed and tested.


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