Grip Wire

Just wondering what gauge wire to use for grips? Also, what type of metal is the wire. Can I pick some up at any hardware store?


Not sure the gauge, but stainless would be a good choice. Should be able to get it at Ace or any Lowes hardware store.

Stainless .032 double wrapped works best.


Any idea what gauge .032 is?

I dont think they use the gauge option on wire as thin as this, When you look at your hardware store the spool should list thickness on it though, you will find what you are looking for there... I stopped using wire, I put a little grip glue on the bars and use brake cleaner on the grip and let the two make a nice thin bond... sets up tight I havent had them roll on me yet.. :devil: the wire has a tendency to piss me off... :thumbsup: but it definatly does the job...

You dont need safety wire. Put some goop or E6000 or similar adhesive on the grip slide it on and forget it. You cant spin mine even when wet!

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