Front brake routing

Just got my WR450 from international motorcycle brokers, and i am impressed by the overall build quality of the bike. Just got one question though. Why is the front brake line routing so convoluted? Any plausible reasons? :thumbsup:

From what I have read in dirt rider magazines is that Honda has a patton on routing the front brake line behind the fork.

So my guess is that Yamaha routes it down the front of the fork because they don't feel like paying patton rights to Honda.

The WR450 for 2005 will feature "Honda like" front brake routing. Either the Honda's patton has expired, or Yamaha finally coughed up some dough.

Hey StreetBikePimp, I don't mean to be an a$$ but the word you are looking for is "patent". Patton was a WWII general. (I got your meaning though) :thumbsup:

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