***ATTN UTAH RIDERS who's up for a ride saturday?

C'mon Chris...they're not THAT technical. Dan just wants to justify his crashes! :awww: Our trails aren't any more technical than the Cache Valley ride a month ago and I think they're way more fun! :devil::thumbsup:

:thumbsup: I dunno, Dan is a better rider than I am. If he crashed that many times, then I'm in trouble if I go there. :devil:

Sounds like you had a good ride Chris, wish I could have made it.

Us Utah folks need to get a group together to visit Idaho. Dave and Dan are having too much fun without us!


You know, I had that same thought about a month ago. There are presently two reasons keeping me from persuing that idea. First, I have next to no money, so finding some others to carpool and split hotel cost with is necessary. Second is the technical nature of the trails up in that neck of the woods. Dan is the third person I have heard say that the trails are much harder and less maintained up there. I don't think you like log crossing any more than I do. Although I LOVE riding, I'm not willing to go all the way up there to have less fun than I would somewhere close like hobble creek. :devil::thumbsup:


Is anyone up for a ride this saturday? Come on now!!

Is anyone up for a ride this saturday? Come on now!!

Haven't repaired my radiator hose, sorry... :thumbsup:

Sorry Chris, I am riding Monticello on Friday and will be in the Price area all the rest of the weekend. If the riding is as good as I hear in Monticello I will organize a ride before the season is up.

That would rock, David! Come on Dan, a broken hose isn't a good enough excuse! :thumbsup: Fix that puppy and let's go!!

live_to_ride -- Where did you unload at in Strawberry? Was it a fairly easy ride to Diamond Fork? I need to take my 10 year old son.


I don't think I would recommend that ride for little kids, but I'm sure there are some who would be ok. It's your call there. There wasn't anything way to technical that you can't go around. Make sure you take maps. We unloaded about a mile south of the visitors' center.

Come on people! I need to go riding this weekend!! :devil:


The ride is going to be at 5-mile out by cedar fort. We're meeting at the first big parking area on the north side of the road at 6:00 am. There are 2 attending so far and I'll be in a black vw jetta with a trailer. :thumbsup:

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