Low rpm sensitive throttle

Does anyone know of an easy way to solve an overly sensitive throttle? I find that the throttle is really touchy when riding tight single track and I end up holding on too tight to get the throttle control I need. I've had this beauty for a month now and absolutely love everything about it except for this. Would an aftermarket needle help or is there a better option?

Upshift!!! :thumbsup:

You can buy throttle tubes with altered pull. They work by pulling the throttle cable less than normal for a given 'twist'. No idea who makes them though.

I had the same problem at first when jetted a bit too rich... What's your elevation in Mission? Is your 426 pretty much stock?

Your bike is too lean, I would suggest you richen the pilot jet and ride your bike. Rich jetting makes for lazy roll on power, lean jetting makes for quicker snappy power. The pilot jet is easy to change on most bikes and affects the low speed running.

Thanks for the info. Sorry about falling off the planet - long vacation with lots of mountain riding! Elevation around Mission is between 300ft and 3000 ft. I also ride a lot in higher mountains between 2000 and 5000 ft. and this is where I first noticed the sensitivity. I've had some lean popping on high altitude, high speed deceleration too, but not enough to be a problem. I'll give the low speed jet change a try first. Plug colour is good with no fouling and I don't hear any detonation. Thanks again for the advice.

Oh yeah, my WR has the airbox lid removed, throttle stop cut down bit no pipe yet.

Try adjusting the throttle cable for a little more free-play (down by the carb). That should reduce the hair-trigger throttle effect.

i thought that it was normal maybe i should check mine might stop me coming off the back

Best way is to put in a YZ450 exhaust cam. It will take away the hit down low and put it in the midrange. More ponies up top as well. Cost $140.00. :cry:

why the YZ450 cam? why not just twist the original one tooth

The 450 cam is a auto decompression cam and has slightly different specs. Get the 450 cam and no more starting drill. :cry:

If you mean that you open the trottle just a bit and the bike pulls hard - you can fix this by screwing the pilot screw in half a turn! This leans the mixture down and makes the bike more pleasent in low trottle position.

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