Bottom oil drain plug

I have read all the previous posts on stripped oil drain plugs, I was thinking of retapping the hole to a 14mm and installing a new plug. Has anyone tried this before..It is on a 02 YZ426....Thanks

i have had the displeasure of that very same thingi used a kwikset helicoil u have to drill hole oversized then tap the hole the size of the helicoil the kwik set is designed to be set into the tapped hole with no bottom so it comes with little fingers that stick out so u can set it in with out the fear of it twisting out. make sure u get the small set tool to flush up the fingers on the kwikset all costs less than 20.00 to fix. i have also fixed oil gallery banjo bolt on right case same way with no probs.

i just use a torque wrench for everything. never stripped a bolt in ten years. seems lie a lot of work to re-size a bolt.

Thanks WhiteTrash.....I wanted to try the 14mm first to see if it did work...that way if i screwed it up i could always go to the Heli-coil..I actually tapped out the hole yesterday and installed the 14mm...No problems :thumbsup:

Also thelimey1 i use my torque wrench on just about everything on the bike, after two years of doing it by feel on the drain bolt I decided to use a torque wrench....Go figure it stripped it out :devil:

cant imagine life without a torque wrench, I actually over tightened the rear bolts that hold the sprocket on, and it sheared the heads off a couple and then trashed my rear wheel after a hard day at the track... Never saw that coming... Never again either, torque wrench or bust... :thumbsup:

no problem i quite using torque wrench on just about everything on the outside of the motor including oil gallery bolts to many broke off i think yama has the torque specs a little off.

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