Shoulder Dislocation

About a year ago i was riding my KTM 200 and I hit a tree at 30mph my shoulder was dislocated. just 3 weeks ago I dislocated it not riding my WR4 but on a Bouncy Castle!! Ive now got to have an operation to prevent it coming out again. Aparently a dislocation is quite serious when your just 17 years old.

Does any one have any experience of

dislocations to the shoulder.

Aparently i wont be able to ride for 6 months!!


I've had that surgery and I was out for about 6 weeks. The first 4 weeks the Dr. had me do absolutely nothing. Just kept my arm in a shoulder imobilizer. After that I started PT to get strenght and range of motion back. After about 2 weeks I could lift my arm high enough to get it on the bars. I started riding REAL easy. Wierd thing was, the riding did a lot more for my shoulder than the rehab did. I was back up to full speed (which isn't very fast) in no time at all.

This was done back in '93 and I haven't had any problems since. In fact I even separated the same shoulder, different injury, 8 weeks ago and the shoulder held tight and didn't dislocate.

Good luck.


John E. Walker


I dislocated my shoulder when I was about 16

in a skiing accident. and Im 30 now and dislcated it about three weeks ago and went riding the same day. I can't throw a baseball or football with any force.

I had a friend that had the operation, the doctor told him that he may still have the problem. So far so good going on 3 years.

If I were you I would wait for winter to do it.

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