2006 YZ450f Rumors

For what it's worth.. I have talked to a close friend at Yamaha Corp.. He told me that the 06 will be an aluminum 5 speed... :thumbsup:

Go ahead flame away, but save this thread for next year when it becomes reality...

I'll be the first one in line to get one..

I hope he's right. That will definitly be my next bike. I've been hoping they would bring back the 5 speed and get rid of the old fashioned boat anchor steel frame.

ps. I didn't know you spoke Japanese, very impressive! :thumbsup:

That is stupid to make it a 5speed in my opinion...Totally unneeded. You want woods or desert buy the damn WR!!!Alum. Frame is good idea.

and get rid of the old fashioned boat anchor steel frame.

the weight differance between the steel and aluminum perimeter is negligible.

I would think everyone would be more excited about the mandated change to EFI for '06!

PS...and if you rode them back to back not knowing which one you were riding, I highly doubt you could tell the diff.

I am saving my allowance (married) right now for 2 '06 YZ450Fs. The only problem is that I have to try to limp the two that I have right now along for another year.

I am going after the new frame not the 5 speed. I like the four speed.

i was having a talk with a good friend of mine about this exact same thing .... and we laughed about, honda switching over to a 4 speed in 06 .. but i recieved an email about this actually happening ... i cant wait to see what will be comin next

Gee Dan! Already looking for a replacement for the KTM? :devil::awww:

Mines sprung an oil leak now :thumbsup:

Washed it took it for a dry off rip in shorts and came back with a shin full of oil. :lol:

I think the next few years are goign to be interesting in the way of MX bikes...hopefully yamaha will get back on the train with a 5 speed and aluminum frame! To shave 10 pounds off the 450 too would be insane!! :thumbsup:

shaving weight with the aluminum frame would be nice, but i hope they keep the 4 speed, i race mx and buy a yz to do just that not trail ride or super moto. i hope they keep the yz pure mx.

I agree that a 4 speed is better for MX. I think many of us ride outside the track and still want a lightweight 450 for offroad. (Yes, get the WR) but STILL, some think that the WR is just to bulky compaired to a YZF. That's one good thing about the KTM's lineup, the 450 and 525 come in 3 flavors each. I'm excited to see what Yamaha has in store for 06.. We all know that Yamaha takes turns updating their bikes, this year we saw some big changes on their 2 stroke line, for 06 you can bet we'll see a brand new line of 4 strokes. Can't wait.


I heard the 05 125s are going to be Alum framed?

the 125 & 250 are out and yes they have alum frames

I could see myself selling my DTX'd CRF450 and getting an 06 YZ450. Than I would be all Yamaha in the garage again(oh yea, except for the CR500 and the daughters XR50), one for the ice and one for the flattrack and asphalt stuff. Yea, thats the plan...whats Cliffys # anyways :thumbsup::devil:.

That is what I heard from YAMAHA too. They produced the Aluminum frame for the 05 YZ250 2 stroke for 04-05 Supercross series (show offs, only 211 lbs.) Then they are making a simular frame to accomidate the mounting of the 450f motor. I bought a 04 450f, I am going to sell the bike and trade up. I can't wait. Don't get me wrong, the 04 450 is a great bike, I just like the latest technology. :thumbsup:

I hate how the paint always rubs off and makes the bike look like crap the aluminum frame is the only reason why I would get the 06.

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