stock jetting

Can anyone tell me what the stock jetting is for a 01 XR650R, I picked it up used and I think its jetted for high elevation and Im at sea level.



I believe stock jetting is a 125 main jet and a 65 pilot jet. i can confirm this in my factory manual if needed.

That's correct, stock main jet 125, pilot 65, needle set second from the top. THIS IS WAY TOO LEAN for sea level, and the bike should be completely and properly uncorked before riding it.

Replace the main jet with a 175, pilot to 68 or 70, get the B3E needle and set it in the middle position (3rd clip position). Remove the airbox back baffle plate, and the snorkel. Replace the carb intake boot with the 40mm unit. Replace the stock exhaust tip with the 40mm HRC unit.

If you do all of those steps, the bike will run as it was intended to.

Running the bike in it's stock condition is a waste, since it won't have any power, and it will overheat too easily. Stock, the bike feels just a little bit stronger than an XR400, but not by much. Uncorked/re-jetted, the thing is a monster! XR650sm.jpg

Well thats whats in it I just thought that was way too lean for a 650, time to make some changes.



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