XR650R Black Rear Fender?????

I'm getting ready to install a Baja Designs Kit and want to put a black rear fender on instead. Does anybody know of a fender that will fit?? Like a cr450 or 250?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks :thumbsup:

You have 2 choices.

1. Stick with your red rear fender

2. Stick with your red rear fender and paint it black with Krylon Fusion paint.

Unfortunately, nobody makes black plastics for the pigs. Too bad to, alot of folks would buy it.

I just (as in hours ago) re-assembled the back fender/BD kit on my BRP after painting it black. I also painted the side number plates and got a black headlight and XR400 black front fender.

The Krylon Fusion paint seems to work pretty good, its actualy alot smoother then I thought it would be and fairly painless.

Wash the stock plastics with windex and hot water, dry and paint. Use lots of light coats with a medium to heavy final to get it looking smooth. If/when you go down, the red will show though, but its fairly easy to take it apart and re-paint.

You can find the Krylon Fusion paint at Wallmart.

I'll post pics in the morning.

Make sure you wait seven days before you crash. That's how long it takes to cure. Mine has been black for quite a while. I wish I would have blacked my side covers before I put all the stickers on. You have to keep the stickers because thay are what make the bike go faster!!! :devil: That's a black fender on my BRP jumping the table top. You can jump alot farther when you have black fenders. :thumbsup:

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