650l and r exhuast

i have a 04 xr650l and pretty much just ride it on the street gettin street tires for it soon and have already got the rear bald at 2900 miles,my stock pipe is uncorked and pretty loud but compared to all the harleys around here noise is no problem i just want more power i want to put a better exhuast on it to get more low end out of it and i been looking at either fmf or white brothers fmf Q series and the white E series but id like more options and was wondering if a slip on muffler like the e and q that would fit the 650R would fit the 650L

They will not fit. the 600 and the 650L are the same, the 650R is a diff bend and mount.

I'm running the E series with spark arrestor and it sounds pretty mellow when I'm riding it, I can rev it and get her to bark at cars if need be.

Make sure you get the 120* heat shield or the E could melt plastics.

I just put a BigGun Quiet on my L and am very happy. Looks and sounds great but not too loud. The bike is much more responsive and has better low end grunt. I had the Supertrapp E-series on my last L and liked the performance but it performed its best when at its loudest (more disks). However, the new E-series may be better now. If you go with the E-series, get earplugs. Good luck.

Best wishes with the Big Gun. Mine rattled to pieces in 9 months. I called Big Gun and they gave me the run around.

I noticed months later the new Big Guns had the fix i proposed to Big Gun.

There arent any good pipes for our bikes as far as i can tell--just light weight motocross pipes bent to fit a 650 Honda...although i did see an interesting ad in the back of Cycle News today by someone called Motowerx.

They use tapered technology--similar to what F1 cars use. Team Honda uses the same thing on our bike--but ya cant buy it off the shelf.

Hopefully one day soon the Barnum/Qadson pipe will be available for our bikes. The prototypes are AWESOME.

Curiously the HRC hop up kit for the 650R comes with detailed specs on how to make the best performance exhaust for the 650R---yet no company has ever made a pipe based on those specs! hear that Moriwaki/Akro/Barnum?! Opportunity knocking....

Anyone got $20K and want to go into the pipe buisiness? I didnt think so...

Hurry up Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More low end won't be found in an aftermarket pipe, but do a search in this forum on drilling the slide and shimmimg the needle- there's the low end you were looking for!


so could i get a xr600 pipe to fit it

for sure the bike will need something made just for it, or some major pain in the asss modifications to get another pipe to work.

another option for the low end hit is a pumper carb like the Edelbrock

Run to the store and beg them to sell you the Yoshimura system for an XR600! It works well, adjusts sound level in under a minute with the TEC inserts, looks sweet, and fits nicely.

Hurry since Yoshimura isn't listing it for sale anymore!


Hey Buck, s'hat you from ZRXoa? Happy trails man! Goosedog

I am found out again!!! Man oh man don't tell the parole officer.......the cavity search is not fun anymore.

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