1st oil change

got a new yz450f last week and completed my 1st oil change today. I warmed the bike up for 3-4 mins then I took out the two drain plugs out and drained the oil and changed the oil filter. I then added 1.1 liters of oil per the manual. fired it back up for a few mins, turned it off and checked the dip stick. when I took the dip stick out a lot of oil gushed from opening like there was to much oil in the bike. I would say 8-10 ounces overflowed into my floor. What would cause this? is 1.1 liters to much? Somehow did I not drain all the original oil?

I find if you rev it up or run it to long, the sump fills up and it will over flow out the dipstick hole. So when it's cold all I do is let it idle for 1-2 minutes, and you should have an accurate reading. :thumbsup:

Did you wait a minute after killing the engine before opening the dipstick?

there are three (3) drain bolts for the oil, 1 in front on the frametube, and 2 on the bottom of the engine. did you drain it completely?

didnt drain the one on the front frame tube. That may be the problem. Guess i'll start over and do another change tonight.

Bolts bolts so many bolts, if you are going to get in it again fallow the manual along and clean the filter that is above the frame tube bolt, there is a wire mess one that you just clean and check, and yea do the frame bolt and then leave that bolt out while you do the others, it will drain quicker and more efficient, leave them out while you do the oil filter as well then you can bet you are about bone dry... I even get a little concerned after I change oil and make sure I am pumping oil well, there is a small 8mm bolt on the right side near the metal chrome hose just under the carb, you loosen that a couple turns and start it up and wait for the pump to force a few drops of oil out of the loose bolt. Then you know the life blood is flowing. It should pump some out pretty quick anymore than a minute your in trouble... Enjoy I bet you dont forget that bolt ever again.. :thumbsup:

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