YZ426F vs YZ250

Yea I am kinda a 2smoke guy. I ridden some of these 4strokes and i cant decide. I heard the 426F is kinda heavy, but does that matter? I do Motocross and Trail riding. Which is better? !Considering the Power to Weight Ratio.!

I have a WR426 and an old YZ250 2smoke. The both have their good and bad points, but for an allround package the 426 wins hands down. If I wanted a bike mainly for MX I'd probable buy a YZ250F. The only place my 2 smoke has it over the 426 is in tight corners, especially if the are sandy or muddy. I guess thats due the the lighter weight, and the lower bike giving a newbie like me a bit more confidence.

The 426 is a heavy bike, mine feels like a tank when i go down, but, you'd love the low end hit. 3rd gear a berm and rip it outa there; nothin like it. Plus you dont have to change the rings. :thumbsup:

Also just pull up to the pump and fill it.

I think i can help here...i just sold my 426 for a new 2 stroke...Ive ridden 2 strokes pretty much all my life and 2 years ago i took the plunge and tried a 4 stroke. The power is amazing and its always there...just roll and go pretty much. The major disadvantage i found to the 426 though was its weight problem. On my 04 CR250 i can spin 10-15 hard laps before i start to feel fatigue where as with my 426, 5 hard laps and i was ready for a nap...same holds true for the new 450s...i find myself being beat to death after a handful of laps. I turn better, hold my lines better, and am consistantly faster on my CR than i ever was on my 426. When it comes down to it, for desert racing, super fast trails, or just putting around, a 4 stroke is top choice in my book, but for an MX track, a 2 stroke i think will always reign supreme for me.

Man I still can't decide. I might just go with a 426F. I need a modern 4stroke and Ill put the 450 cam in there. Also I do the 450 design mod. Ill Carbon Fiber the bike to hell. All Titanium Exhuasts. All that will come very slow. As i get the money. How much does a YZ426F go for? Ill pay probally 3200 or 3000 for one in california. Is that about right?

426! You won't regret it ever! :thumbsup:

I had a YZ426 and HATED it, worst bike of my life. It just felt too top heavy, was hard to control, and wore me out. Loved my CRF450, though, it rode great, but still wore me out, just not quite as much. My CRF250F is even better, but I'm considering trading to an '04 YZ250 for lower maint. and more power w/o the extra weight.

I love my 04 yz250. It may sound stupid but I have my ultimate bike, it is way faster than I am. I just did my rings at 80 hours and they were still within limits. I am all thumbs and was able to do the top end in about 3 hours. I love the two stroke hit, it makes riding a 4stroke seem really boring.


I have to agree, two strokes still rock! I wish I had the balls to snap up an 05 YZ250 for an ice bike. I'm just afraid I would be getting "out motored" down the long straights. Maybe I would make it up in the corners :thumbsup:. I KNOW I would turn in better, but comming out of corners, it's so nice to just roll on the gas and lug the big 450. Wait til I'm making 55 or more H.P. with the YZ450, then maybe I won't be wanting that 250 so much. Time will tell. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the up coming ice season and being on a high output 450, last year I was muscling my CR500 around.

I have a 02 YZ 426 and a 02 YZ 250 2s. I race the A vet class in enduros and I find that the 250 is far superior to my 426 in our type of terrain. We have alot of extremely tight technical trail and the 250 is just more nimble and easier to flick around and I like the quicker revving power delivery. I mainly trail ride the 426 and ride dualsports with it. There, it works well. I enjoy trailriding both bikes though. If I wasnt racing as much and wanted a nice do it all bike, Id take the 426.

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