My first Wheelie

Hey all,

Just had to post it, its not my first wheelie but its the first time some one took a photo of me doing one.

I have had this bike now for 3 months and could only just pop the front up when I first got it....

And now


I love this bike :thumbsup:

Looking good. :thumbsup: Learn how the ride the rear brake, it is your friend.

Make sure your always keep that helment on.

Good job Homey! :thumbsup:

That picture goes pretty good with the neighborhood in the backround... guy riding a wheelie on his dirt bike down the in the back round parked on the lawn...pretty funny.

Great loft! That front wheel is up there! :thumbsup:

Way to go Steady!!

Keep up the good work!!

BTW, dude, you are riding on the wrong side of the ROAD!!!


AJ :thumbsup:

Keep that up and your mileage will be off. (odometer) :thumbsup::devil:

Now all you gotta do is get used to riding wheelies at the balance point then you can ride A wheelie for miles until your arms get so tired you cant hold on anymore. I love it. :thumbsup: I go through tires so fast cause I cant resist riding wheelies on the street.

I can feel it im so close to the balance point, its just teasing me. :thumbsup:

I had a go at stand up wheelies, but they just feel to wierd, and feels like i have to hold the bike up with my arms

Try clamping the bike with your knees when you stand up.

Ride fast - take chances.


nice... now you gotta take that thing in the outback and loft it up in 5th gear.. its fun... just jump on handlebars and yank back with a handful of throttle... once you get on the balance point you can keep it there forever... as for the standup wheelies i like to relax my arms, not flex them and keep my back straight and stand up high keeping my back in a straight line with the axle or over the back fender... just make sure you got that right foot on the back pedal.. and oh yeah dont do this on a 2stroke or youll be running at 60 mph before you know it :thumbsup::devil:

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