freeing up exhayst valve on 98yz400 with 13.5.1 piston

do i need to pull the head or can 2smoke gas fix this with out blowing up the bike idont plan on using more than a couple of cups

Do you want to do it right or half assed?

Do you want to be pushing your bike back to your truck?

Just pull the head and check all measurements. Probably be a good idea to do a top end if it has been a while.

Whats wrong with the valve???

Cam seizure will roll a burr into the bucket bore preventing the valve from returning to fully closed.

Investigate this first.

did new top end 8 hrs on motror along with new crank bearings piston etc cam is not seized nor does there appear to be anything else seized.for some reason i have a little compression but not alot

It looks like you have everything handled.

My mistake. :awww:

put 2smoke gas in it :devil:

you are way ahead of the game :thumbsup:

Ok first just pull of the valve cover and inspect the lifter buckets. Also measure the gap on the cam to lifter bucket. What type of head gasket did you use? Is the idle on the carb right? Did you check the compression with a gage?

sounds like the timing could be off??

I've had a similar problem with my 426 on 2 occasions. Both times it was just after I'd had then engine apart. I didnt disassemble the head, and therefore didnt clean all the carbon off the chamber. I'm guessing with mine a bit of carbon came off and got under a valve seat. Fired her up with some 2smoke gas and it fixed itself.

thanks to all for your help,426nos did eveything u mentioned exept i checked comp with my foot ur very knowlegebleand i appreciate your tech expertise.ok so instead of doing another teardown i mixed up some 100:1 2smoker fuel ran about 1/2 cup through motor took about 1min

turned bike off and presto major commpression so now i think hamish for his 426 prob.

Awesome! Now ride it like you stole it!

good to hear that it worked 4 u 2 :thumbsup:

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