xr600 exaust

I am looking for some after market exaust for my 98 600. Does anyone know of any good ones and where i can find them?

I just posted a photo and reply to a fellow on the same topic about 5 minutes ago. Yoshimura makes a beautiful system!!!

XR600 Exhaust with photo

Looks sweet! How much does it cost and can i get itfrom a website or a magazine or do i need to have a dealer order some for me? I was thinkin about a fmf titanium-4 with a 14 inch silencer. It would only cost me 300 but that low price makes me wonder about the quality of the pipe. Anyone tried it out before?

I got mine from JC Motors. Here is an eBay link to one of their auctions. I just called them up and asked the bottom price for it. They sold it to me for less than the auction amount. I like the TEC inserts for $30 that allow you to change the loudness in under a minute.

Yoshimura exhaust auction

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