Any suggestions on a youth neck roll.

I am looking for a neck roll for my son and was wondering if one was better than the other.

I picked up the EVS from the TT Store one for me and my daughter. She has no complaints other then it isn't cool :thumbsup:

Always the woman looking at style.

I dont think they differ much accept for those that attach to the chest protector

I have the EVS one that wraps around you neck. Correct way to wear it is strap to the rear. It is hot. I usually wear this one in colder wx without a chest protector, with my EVS Ballistic vest and Moose jacket.

My son and I both use the PCS Progressive Cycle Safety collar attacthed to our chest protectors. The are very comfortable and a lot cooler looking than the EVS one.

Where would I find a PCS Collar?

Try the

Call them or use the chat window and ask if they can get it :thumbsup:

I found them.

Thanks for your help guys.

I went to a local Warehouse Sports store and bought a youth neck guard that's made to fit on a football style shoulder pad set. It's already got strings attatched to tie it to the chest protector and it only cost $13. Bought one for myself too for a little more.

The three of us (myself & 2 boys) wear the EVS, the less “cool” looking ones that are more restrictive and I believe, offer more protection. My son experienced a very bad crash last year in a mx race w/ a very serious head injury that we luckily dodged a bullet on (long story I don’t mind telling, I just don’t want go into a long winded story here, PM me if you want), I hate to think how his neck would have been without that more restrictive less cool looking neck protection.

By the way after wearing it a couple times you don’t even notice it, unless you forgot to put it on. You’ll ride off thinking/feeling I’m missing something. I don’t feel right without it.

My .02

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