how to replace valve stem seals?

I have a 94 xr600 that smokes on start up for about 1 minute. I guess I need new valve stem seals but I am not sure how to proceed with this. Do I need to pull the head off to do this? Do I need to remove the engine? If I buy the tool to take the valve springs off is it very hard to do the work myself or should I just take the complete head into the shop?

if you are asking us---well my vote is pull the head and send it to --

It's not that difficult to do the valve seals. Best bet is to pull the motor from the frame, makes working on the engine a lot easier. Once you have the head off, you'll need a valve spring compressor tool to remove the spring retainers. I have one made from an old C-clamp but they sell them at a lot of places, saw one at Sears. Once you have the retainers and springs off, the valve will slide out and you can replace the seals. Good idea to lap the valves at this time. Good luck.

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