WR or YZ, which one?

Pardon the cross post. Great website. I’m ready to swap out my old CR for a 4 stroke Yamaha and figured I’d bounce my thoughts off this knowledgeable group. I do mostly trail/hillclimbs, and some MX riding. The question is YZ or WR? I don’t plan on track riding, but I do want the MX power. I may add a light kit and a kickstand if I went with the YZ. I read what everyone does to the WR to try to get the power of the YZ and figure for my purposes, it might be better to start with the YZ. I don’t plan on making either bike street legal. Opinions? The last question, is newer better? Is there any particulars to this bike when buying used? Thanks for any/all advice.

try & get post y2k.

the wr is the way to go. all you gotta do is do the valve timing, get a little tank, change the pipe & the jetting to suit & you'll love it.

you can't really go wrong with either. but you can find the YZ short on gears but you won't find the WR short on anything.


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