YZ426f ...Rate your Pipes.

Hey I have a 426f and i was wondering if you guys could give me ratings on all of your aftermarket pipes.Tell me the Bottom hit all the way to Top Hit. Thanks for your help guys.

Keep the Rubber side down!

White bro. E-series promeg with the tapered head pipe! I was amazed at the low end power gain of the bike! Best pipe ever. IMHO

Thunder Alley wins hands down..bottom and mid gains are huge and makes it a whole different bike...therapture and FFRacing have some special combo they use and seems to make ALOT of power too(i want to say a supertrapp with a yoshi headpipe?? :thumbsup: )

Though I only run it when going to track the DMC (Dave Miller Cycle)Alien is an awesome pipe. It has the troatiest sound and really gives a great low end punch. Looks way cool also!

I have the ProCircut T4. Makes the bike shreek! VERY loud but I like the mid to top power. Low end is not bad but pipes like the TA give better low end response.

Yes, you're right Jeffro on the combo of the pipes. however, if therapture's pipe was any louder, EVERYONE at the track would need earplugs. :devil:

Thunder Alley boosted my 250f pretty good but was kind of loud and annoying but would be great for MX. My factory 4 is better for the woods even though it is slightly louder than the stock pipe. I know I dont have a 426 but I figured my 2 cents wouldn't hurt. :thumbsup:

for top end I like my DSP factory system, but it's too loud. It has a massive header pipe which is crap down low. Stepped GYT-R header pipe with stock YZ muffler works fine for me as an all round system that isnt too loud.

WOW! 707... I was just driving into work this morning thinking about the exact same topic... what a coincidence.

I'm currently running the stock exhaust on my 00 YZ426. A buddy of mine just bought a TTR 90 and it came with an FMF Ti [didn't know they made them so small! :thumbsup:]. It sounds great when he opens it up... that started me thinking about getting an exhaust system for my bike. However... I am on a budget. Actually the stock setup has plenty of power [i've just stepped up from a CR125]. Stock is a little loud. I'd like to find a pipe that has power, lower noise and perhaps even an environmentally friendly spark-arrestor. Not asking for too much... just everything.

I have a '00 yz426. When I got the bike it had the stock header pipe with an Arrow silencer. The Arrow silencer is big. Look at Everts bike........

Anyway I was fed up with moving the header to change the oil filter so I went hunting. Found a Pro Circuit header and two silencers on e-bay. The biggest difference I found was the weight of the complete system. The Pro Circuit is so much lighter. As performance goes I couldn't tell. I'm not a good enough rider to tell.

People know I'm coming with the Pro Circuit setup, its so loud.

I'm thinking of getting a stock silencer if I can find one. A few tracks in the UK are saying no aftermarket pipes. Its good to have one just in case!

More tracks will be closed because of the noise these beasts make. Although a 2 stroke screams the noise doesn't carry like a thumper.

I have the Pro-Circuit T-4 system on my '02 YZ 426F. It opened yhr power up across the entire band. I did some careful jetting after a bad experience last year when I put the T-4 on and I have not looked back. it is loud, but not more than stock. All of my riding is MX too.


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