Edelbrock carbs?

Well, I have been told by two different people(one being steve barnum,Barnum Pro), that the edelbrock carb will get rid of the dead spot in the fcr carb thats on my 450 now. It has no pilot circuit therefore it has no jets. All the adjustment is done with the needle. Steve races in Baja and says the dead spot will be no more.I was talking to him about something completely unrelated when he brought up the dead spot. He even said that he wasn,t pressuring me, he just wanted to let me know about. Now I have done everything to my carb to get rid of the "spot", and it runs good, but it's still there sometimes. It drives me nuts. So if anybody has had one of these, or knows anything about them, I would like to hear about it. The only thing I haven't done is the JD jetting kit, but thats $70 or so towards my new carb to get rid of it for sure.Later.

Good Luck! I think the FCR carb is as close as you are going to get to perfection without fuel injection. :thumbsup:

There are many happy people in the XR650 Forum. I have heard stories of easy starting, the bike idling fine while on it's side, improved power... If you have the money it shure would be nice to know how they work on the 450s.

The Edelbrock with it's one big needle is just a warmed over Lectron carb.

Somebody is dreaming,(and profiting), promoting that carb with one big needle.

Walk through the pits at any race event and you would be hard pressed

to find anyone taking off an FCR for an Edelbrock.

The Edelbrock is an improvment over the 650's stock carb, that's easy to do.

Do a search in the DR forum. There's a guy that bought one and is

thrilled with it. He had a really good write-up on it as well.

When you get an FCR dialed it can not be beaten!!!! Keep trying.......It is worth it!!!

Thanks you guys. Ya I don't know either, but my friend just ordered one and I will let everyone know after we get it dialed in. The cost was 390.00 to the door.We'll see what happens? Later!

The Edelbrock is great on my 650. No more flooding, easier starting, and a tad more power. I don't know anybody with one on a Yamaha.

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