Rewound stator = easier starts?

I just installed a rewound stator on my XR and now the bike starts on the first or second kick instead of the sixth or seventh. Am I just getting lucky, or is the stator helping? I'm obviously new to the dirtbike world. All my streetbikes have been electric starts, so I'm just curious.

Glad to hear your bike starts OK now, but if its a 650R than I dont think having the extra lighting coils wrapped did it.

2 poles are designated for ignition and they are independent of the lighting coils.

I do believe....

Some of the older bikes would have stator issues that would eventually make the bike impossible to start, but that was mid 80's bikes.

Yeah I thought the rewound portion only affected the new outputs for the lights etc, and not the ignition, but something has changed, cause it's never started this easy. Whatever happened, I'm not complaining :thumbsup:

You might of had a high resistance ground that was eliminated when the new insulation was applied to the stator during the winding proceedure.

Thao must haveth good Karma.

Did you use a different stator or have yours rewound? You might of had a problem with yours and didn't know it. I just replace my stator on my DRZ because the ignition pick up was bad. Suzuki only sold the assembly for $250 :thumbsup:

Yeah, a rewound stator can MOST DEFINATELY result in easier starts :awww: If the ignition sectoin was rewound, or of you got a different stator altogether it could have had a weak ignition coil and you didnt even know it :devil: It could have also been a bad connection and just taking it out and putting it back in did it :D . Either way, your bike will start WAY better when a problem like that is corrected :thumbsup: The only downside is that you wont be building up the muscles in your right leg as fast as before :lol:

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