ThumperTalk back up?

Looks like I got this sucker fixed? Thumpertalk suffered from a space problem and I couldn't even use my userid to tell anyone.

I had to delete some users because they were major hosed. If you still have problems posting, try and re-register with your old email address.

Sorry for the hassles everyone,


Glad to see the site back up. This is the BEST place for 4-stroke info on the web. Thank you for the hard work Bryan.

We copy from Calgary Colorado,

Except I lost my easy to remember password. I just dislike those cookies piling up I guess. I replied to an old post and that worked too. Good work ol chap.


aka freshy!

This is great!! I was starting to worry about losing all the accumulated tech threads.



98 WR400 Dualsport!

Bryan, thanks again for all you're hard work. I've been trying to get free BW and server space here at work (very large hosting/telecom co), yet I've been unsuccessfull at getting space. The BW is no problem, we have an OC-3 off the employee web servers. It's the server space which is limited. Sorry, I'll keep trying.

Thanks again for all you're hard work.

Thanks Bryan! :)

Thanks - this is such a great site - I was suffering from withdrawals..... :)

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Bryan Just another thanks for all the hard work you do for this great forum :) Just one quik thing you should never do again on this site. Do not use the word V&**$#^@*L :D That just causes all the problems.


I believe the problems were related to the "heavy topics" recently posted here on TT and that the mystical motorcycle spirits are really pissed-off! Thanks Brian for fixing the problems and now lets all go riding!



Life is nothing but a game.... he who has the most fun wins!

You don't know what you've got until you lose it. Thanks, Bryan!

At last, my LIFE IS BACK!!

Now Bry, are you ready to start taking donations ($5) from everybody to help pay for the hard work you do and offset your out of pocket expense to keep OUR, meaning everybody's, websight going?

Dude's, $5 is ONE beer at some establishments, ONE BEER!!

How about it, everyone?

I know the gray wire thing HAS TO BE WORTH $5.00.


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC, and I use MOBIL 1 Oil, with ZERO problems.

I agree Kevin.

Bryan, you need to setup a PO Box so we can send you money! I wish I had people wanting to send me money.

Build it and they will come. Do it man.

I don't know about $5 :D I think I might be able to search my couch and the neighbors, then maybe ravenge my friends couches and if I'm still short maybe I'll hold up the local 7-11. :D Oh wait, I just found $4.50 is that close enough? :D If not I could maybe get a bank loan to fork out the $5 but I'd be worried about the interest catching up!! :D Speaking of interest do you take credit cards? :) This is my attempt to get out of Junior status!! Only a few more to go. :D

Thanks for the awesome site!!! :D



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Bryan thank you, thank you, thank you. I am glad to see it working. I had to change my user name from Dens Dirt to Dennis' WR426. But what the hell change is good! :)


Its like we are starting all over again as 1 big family....sniff...

Im in for $5. Bryan deserves it. Hook me up with a address and its in the mail! :)


Darin in Missouri - 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven

Originally posted by Dennis' WR426:

Bryan thank you, thank you, thank you. I am glad to see it working. I had to change my user name from Dens Dirt to Dennis' WR426. But what the hell change is good! :)


Dennis, try registering as your old username again. At first I could not, then I read this post, tried again to register as, well, you know, and this time it worked.

Originally the board was returning my “forgot your password?” clicking with blank emails.

Then it was saying my username was taken, but my password no longer worked.

Then it went through and I got an email that wasn’t blank. So maybe you should try to register as new member Dens Dirt again.

Whatever it was that was wrong, it must have been a pain in the ass. Can I say ass? Anyway, thanks Bryan.

Thanks Bryan! Do you have change for a 10? :)


Hey sirhk, I got rid of the Junior Member thing. Just for you man!

Now we are all equals after just one post!

'cept for me. I can still accidently mess up the site in one fell swoop! Doooooooh!


For the money I spend on my bike :) (look at my signature) and the money that TT has saved me :D I'd be willing to send 20-$50 :D



99 WR400f, YZ timed, MX-Tech suspension, White Bros E-Series (12 discs), tapered header and a/f. Works Connection billet throttle tube and frame guards. Cycra Pro-Bend, triple clamp mount handguards. Thumper Racing rad guards, Renthal Jimmy Button highs, YZ Tank and IMS seat, YZ number plate, odo removed, EKP, 48PJ, 175MJ at 500-1000' Thanks James Dean!

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