Ways to make YZ426F lighter or feel lighter. Post here please.

Ok guys List as many Ideas you can to make the YZ426F Lighter or Feel Lighter. I heard people said it was Top Heavy. But they dont know how to ride this beast. I just need it lighter.

drink less beer :thumbsup:.....ti bolt kit, ti pipe, & ti footpegs will get you started.

anything ti or carbonfiber will help

The DRD wet sump kit will make a huge saving. Also all the weight it removes is up high

Do the 450 plastic swap. THe tank, seat (aftermarket), airbox are all lighter than the 426 components. You can also save weight using an aftermarket pipe. I would not recommend doing the wet sump kit...do a search here on TT and you will find plenty of information about the wet sump "pros and cons".

Here is what I have done:

1. YZ450 tank (smaller and lighter than the 426 tank)

2. YZ450 rear brake master cylinder (slightly lighter)

3. YZ450 airbox (MUCH lighter than the 426 box)

4. SDG seat for YZ450F (lighter than 426)

5. Pro Circuit T-4 (lighter than 426 pipe)

6. Carbon Fiber head stays, water pump guard.

7. Dunlop 756's (one of the lightest tires on the market)

8. removal of the nuetral saftey switch and wiring

9. coil on cap mod

There is probably more that I am overlooking but all of this stuff adds up. The 450 Plastic mod is probably the best because it makes the bike feel narrower and lighter up top.


Wow, Very impressed with your 426/450. :thumbsup:

Great job, I would have never thought it would work. :awww::lol::devil:

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