adjusting T.P.S. for more power and response

has anyone adjusted their tps on there 400, 426, or 450 to get quicker power. I've heard friends doing it to their yamaha R6's :thumbsup:

I have been tempted to do a dynamic adjustment of it, but haven't really had the need to screw with it yet.

I had it set that way on my FZ1 and it made a difference in the bottom end torque on it. I don't know if the YZ would respond the same way or not.

Here's a detail of doing a dynamic adjustment on it that would be pretty simple to do on the YZ, especially if you have a tachometer you can use.

1. Warm up the engine completely.

2. Loosen the TPS screws so that it can easily be moved.

3. Start engine and set idle speed to 3800 rpm.

4. Move throttle sensor to get highest engine speed.

5. Tighten screws (make sure that speed does not change during tightening).

6.Lower idle speed to 1200 - 1300 rpm.

That was taken from this page at the FZ1OA.

I adjusted mine. Don't remember the specs (they're in the manual) but mine was way low. Made a difference in response. Be careful, if you're jetted right now, you might throw everything off. Write down what the resistance is before you change anything.

I recently disconnected my tps on my 04 wr 450; end result...I've got myself a brand new fire breathin' monster, and could not be any happier.

P.s. for any of you that have been having the immovable, unfixable stutter, don't think twice about disconnection. I have also heard that disconnection of the tps effects the way the engine performs in tight forrested trail areas and "off"-road areas.(a negative effect)i've done two good aggressive rides since the adjustment, and the only thing that feels different is the rpm's "sometimes" don't return to low rpm's quick enough!) :devil::thumbsup:

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