What's a Street Legal 2000 YZ426 Worth????

Since I can't sell it I might upgrade alittle. Let me know what you think.


I am in the same boat w/a 99 yzf400. Dead market in Michigan for anything blue and four stroke it seems (prior to 03' maybe). To good a bike to give away so I guess I'll spice it up little and ride.

Yep, dead market prior to '03.

I have a 99 yz400 that is street legal that I am gonna sell eventually. I am thinking $2500. But It probably wont sell. As said dead market. So I will probably hang on to it and use it as a dual sport. :thumbsup:


How can I make my 2001 426 street legal in Florida and get a title for it ?

why sell a perfectly good bike, now i love mine i do, but what ever you do dont ride a crf 450, or a 250x right yzman. he just loves to show off his electric start, especially wile im in the middle of kick starting. me ill probably keep my 426, and then buy a new bike in a few years, when i need one maybe. no point in it now this one does every thing i need except go down dirt roads legaly :thumbsup: damn usfs (i know its my fault an i accept that) so i will proably do the same an dual sport it at some time.

I just sold my legal '01 wr for 2500.

That was a wait as well.

It lasted 4mos at that price.

It had beucoup extras as well.

The fact that I was Doug Henrys mechanic last year didn't seem to create more interest either.


Bike is/was cherry and it took a crow bar to sell it.

good luck.

Thanks for the replys guys. What parts should I use to perform this upgrade? What did you use?

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