Oil changes

Hey guys,

I've been wondering at what intervals do you guys change your oil? My WR is dual sported and I do not race so I'm wondering at about how many miles do you guys change yours?......... OIL that is.

thanx, Jim

I change mine about every 3 to 4 dirt rides.

So thats about every 8 to 10 hours. Might seem like alot but oil is cheeper than a motor,plus WRs only take a little over a quart and a half anyways.

I change mine every 200-300 miles on a 01-wr426..No problems yet..Using Mobil 1 4 stroke oil..Running great!!!!! :)

Every one that knows me, I still use the old Yamalube!!!!!!!!

Dennis (Dens Dirt) :)

If I do a really dusty 50+ mile ride I change my oil and clean my filters. Also use the Yamalube. I am curious about this too.

the more the better

jim, i concur w/mike68;....change the oil/clean the filters as often as possible. remember, $6000 bike; $6-$8 (max) in oil = easy decision. bobwombat

I change mine every 3-4 rides,which works out to approx. 8-10 hours.I use Amsoil 10w40 full synthetic motorcycle oil with no problems.It actually feels like the bike shifts better with this oil and I know that it doesn't break down when it gets hot.

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