470 jetting

Anybody have a 470 kit and what jetting you are using The jets it came with are a 48 pilot 160 main at sea level the pilot to me is to big

In my 450 I have 50 pilot 172 main and a white bros pipe. If anything the main jet seems lean....good luck


I could never get the jetting sorted out after the motor work. That’s why my stock carb is for sale on eBay.

I went with the Edelbrock Carb (WebSite) best thing I have done for the bike since the 470 kit and headwork. No TPS. No Hot Start, No Choke, it starts cold or hot on the first few kicks if not the first. No jets, just a needle I have switched out only once when I went to Glamis.

Now my bike runs clean and strong, with no bog or popping. I was dealing with the jetting problems for six months then I switch to the Edelbrock. I tried every jet setting possible along with the JT Air/fuel meter hooked up to my bike. Believe me I tried everything to try to get it running good, I just couldn't.

My last settings that were just ok, with the stock carb were a 65 Main, 45 Pilot, and JD Blue needle on the third clip. That’s in the So Cal area, so hot at about 1000 foot alt.

Good Luck!

How much was the edelbrock

Running stock settings on my dad's 2mm overbore (472cc).

I bet your having most of your trouble starting it hot? I have a 470 with Hot Cams headwork & Jardine Pipe and run a 42 pilot standard needle position and a 168 main. Also, check and make sure your float is not too high.

Not hard starting 3rd kick dead cold 1st hot it has a studder at 1/4 throttle it might be the p-38 accelerator pump i put that on and it seems like im not getting a full sqwirt about 1/2 :thumbsup:

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