Utah guys.... how about we start posting rides in the right forum?

I just had a look in the rocky mountain forum, and there is a ton more activity there than there was a year ago. Well, that forum wasn't even there a year ago. :devil: Should we start posting all of the rides there? I think it would work out better and include more people. What do you think? :thumbsup:

But you Utah guys are so good at hijacking the WR forum! :lol::awww: I'd never do that... :devil:

It's probably a good idea to separate them and I generally look and post in both places, just in case. :thumbsup:

live-2-ride, I wanted to hook up with you Saturday since I got shined this week out of a ride. I'm playing a softball tournament all day but we are shooting for a ride next Wed after work (5:30 or 6:00) if you or anyone else is interested. AF canyon just re-opened a trail that they closed. Never been on it but it connects with the Ridge Trail, which is a fun one if you are familiar with AF Canyon?

Schweet! I'll plan on it. When and where do you want to meet? :thumbsup:

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