carbon fiber air box cover!

Post deleted by ncmountainman

I can have some of these carbon lids ready to go in less than 2 weeks.

If someone near Indianapolis would let me use their bike to take measurements, I will give them a carbon lid in return.

Drop me a PM.

unabiker seems interested in making these , the stock covers are made from old rubbermaid trash cans and won't stay put without silicone! i'd say something as stiff as cf might just seal closed. show some support if you might want one and maybe we can get some :thumbsup: i have been chatting with him about these and looks possible even the other side panel(just for the bling factor) is a possibility! even can come in a hybrid cf/kevlar that is blue,yellow and some other colors too :devil:

Hey Bob,

You know I am in Indy! I missed your call on friday. :thumbsup: I just got back from 200 miles of UP Michigan riding! :awww:

I can get the cover to Unabiker. :devil:

I'd like one if it isn't too expensive....

I just delivered the side cover to Brian (Unabiker). He has an awesome shop and makes all kind of high tech protection parts for dirt bikes! He is going to draw up the cad file needed to make a mold. :thumbsup:

put me on the list for one.I have an 04 wr450.thanks

Unabiker is very reasonable with all his pricing. I am sure he will price it to sell many. I will talk to him on Thursday and update everyone. :thumbsup:

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