Best brake pads?

It's about time to replace the brake pads on my 01' 426. I was wondering what brand you guys suggest.

Replacing the front pads are on my list of repairs for today also. I have heard that the OE pads are quite good. I am sure they are not the cheapest but are available from the local dealer. Have fun...



Yep, same here :thumbsup:


I've always wanted to try those. But the dealer never stocks them. So I end up with crapy EBC. I have heard that the stock Honda ones are really good to.

i'm liking the braking cm-44's but i ride off road and don't really know how they work under track conditions :thumbsup:

I am sold on Braking's SM-15's but hear they may be discontinued. I also like the CM-44's strictly for MX - don't know about woods/wet conditions

dunlopads also sold under the moose label

not the cheapest but nice bite and feel

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