New shock springs?

Can someone tell me how difficult it is to put a new shock spring on my 03 WR450 and if it requires any special tools. I am pretty mechanically inclined. If you have any how-to instructions, that would be great. I need to put a stiffer spring on my bike.


Easy. Remove the shock. Start by backing off on the adjuster nut(s). Then remove the retainer ring at the other end and remove the spring. Reverse the procedure to assemble. I would set the spring length in the middle initially and then adjust the sag after you re-install it on the bike.

Thanks for your help. I was not sure if you had to have a special tool to compress the spring to re-assemble.


you dont need any tools to compress the spring. You only need 10-15mm of preload(if u r outside of this range your shping rate is wrong) , and there is heaps more thread than that on the shock body. The only tool that comes in handy is a 'C spanner' to undo the shock nuts, but a hammer and large flat blade screwdriver works also. Just be careful that you don't nick the thread. I just got my shock serviced and fitted a 5.4KG spring. Just about to go out for a test ride.

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