Just the basics, a horn and good mirror????

I have been using a hand horn and cheesy mirror since I got my bike a few months ago. It was enough to get my plate and sticker but now that I'm off road more I have found the hardware used just wont hold up to the abuse and keeps working loose.

I would like to go with a basic electric horn and sold mounting big or small mirror. I don't need a complete kit cuz I don't want blinkers and already have the tail light working.

What are you guys using and or what do you recommend?


I have an Acerbis folding mirror, that folds up when on-road, and folds down sort of in front of the handlebar crossbar when off-road. Over here the WR's come street legal, so I have the stock horn, but something small off a DRZ or similar should do the trick. :thumbsup: My horn is now tucked behind my headlight too, out of the way.

The Acerbis mirror seems to work well. You can fold it out of the way when off-road.


This mirror seems like a better solution than the Acerbis one. I haven't tried it but it looks like it might work a little better. The Acerbis vibrates pretty bad.


I use a Zefal bell right now. It is out of the way and so far I haven't been pestered by the cops about it.


Hows this for a Horn. Its a Radio shack personal alarm $10 and a honda kill switch. Wire the 2 together and wala instant electric horn. Works great and is fairly loud. Its 9v battery powered.



thanks guys I just picked up a personal alarm from radio shack, even smaller than the one pictured and will be mounting it this week.

Still haven't seen the mirror I like yet though.

Check out Fourstrokes Only or Baja Designs for a fold away mirror. I had the Acerbis mirror for a while but it vibrated badly not matter how muchI tightened it and was utterly useless except for filling the legality issue.


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