Chain hitting subframe

My new (140 miles) 450F has some wear on the subframe to the left of the chain due to chain contact. I checked the slack, and it is within spec. I thought maybe it was just from tipping over on the left side with the wheel spinning maybe, so I taped some folded paper on the spot and rode (without tipping! :thumbsup:) for about 40 miles and the paper was worn through. I asked a friend with an '03 and he said he has no wear there. This doesn't seem like it should happen so regularly, does it?

Common problem.

Take off the allen head screws and little hats that hold it on and bend down the hat by beating it with a socket. The metal part bottoms out and doesn't hold the plastic chain slider tight.

You can also glue the chain slider to the swingarm to keep it from hopping around.

Enjoy your new toy!


- Ryan

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