Off Subject (kinda) - New Honda SUV?

Does anyone know anything about a new Honda Sport Ute possibly coming out next year (Passport replacement)? I've seen references to a Honda MAV model on the net. I understand that it might be based on the Acura MDX. I like the MDX and I think it would work fine for towing my 3 bike trailer. Just wondering if a Honda derivative would cost a little less than the

Acura, of course with less fruit salad.

Hey, when is Yamaha going to start building cars/trucks anyway?

RacerX,if I'm not mistaken Yamaha does build a few engines that are used in the automotive world.Two that come to mind immediately are the SC V-6 used in the now defunct Ford Taurus SHO,and the venerable 4 cyl. Toyota 22-R(E)used in many great Toyota cars and (mostly) trucks over the years.

My spy at Honda R&D tells me the new SUV will be the next generation CRV. It will be a little bigger but not much.

Yamaha will not be building cars. Toyota bought a 5% stake in Yamaha last year. Yamaha bought equal value of Toyota stock. Yamaha and Toyota have been sharing engine technology for the auto racing programs in Europe and Japan. Toyota is also making a car for Formula 1 racing. Yamaha is technical advisor on this engine program.

There is a rumor in the auto industry that Honda is considering getting out of the car building business. The rumor is Honda will become a enging supplier to the Big 3. Honda has already made a deal with GM. Honda will get GM V8's for their future full size truck. GM will get Honda motors and transmissions for something they have pending.


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