Just bought a WR 450 last week....

Coming over from a CRF 450. So far I really like this bike. The dealer did all the free mods already. Any idea on how many miles I should expect to put on it before this thing opens up? I'm kinda missing the snap the crf had.

snap? my 04 WR450F has more snap than I need. The bike is just scary fast and over 200 miles and never once had to open it full throttle. Incredible power. I did my first oil change after 100 miles.

You could do a quick runover of the free mods to make sure the deal know of all of them. Take out the exhuast baffle and run for a while ... You'll like it so much you'll be tempted to loose it. (or find an FMF Q pipe)

I swear my '02 426 has about 5-10hp over the 450.

Also, cut out the handhold on the left hand side. More air and it'll be easier to toss around.

Congrat's on the new steed.


I have a small connection over at the dealer and have spoke with them about the free mods, so thats not really an issue. Don't get me wrong Mike, its got plenty of snap so far, just not as much as I'm used to. I'm thinking of putting a White Bros. E2 on eventually so I'm sure that'll give me the extra power I'm looking for. :thumbsup:

I have a 04 wr and my buddy rides a crf 450 '03, and after the free mods and JD Jetting my WR pulls much harder than my buddies crf. Right now i am running a gyt-r insert but am switch to the FMF Q. THe stock muffler is too loud with the plug pulled. ( too loud for me anyways) Good choice on going with the WR :thumbsup:

most definitely put a FMF Powercore IV on it, louder than stock but worth it. A big performance difference over stock.

Put the YZ exhaust cam in. Uncork the stock pipe and forget the aftermarket pipe! :thumbsup:

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