00 Yz426f

Here is Yamaha's starting a four stroke video its pretty simple

Starting YZ426F

Pretty simple? Try being in 5th place, moto #2, lap4, three guys on your butt, 4th place just ahead and you wash out in a corner. Try picking it up...doing THE DRILL and getting it going again. THAT is where the drill is unacceptable.....hence the reason all bikes now have auto decomp.

If your a trail rider or a BS Jockey then the I suppose the drill is fine. Mostly the non believers are scared to take the cams out of their bike and won't admit it! :thumbsup::devil::awww:

That's pretty funny :thumbsup: haven't thought about it that way... point well taken. I'm riding in my first hair scramble this weekend i am sure i'll be cursing that drill when it's over.

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