St. Lucie County FL, VERY important political meetings SOON!

Anyone who lives within driving distance of St. Lucie county should know that there have been meetings occuring in regards to public riding areas. Info below, PM me for directions, etc.. WE NEED PEOPLE TO SHOW UP, PLEASE BE THERE IF YOU CAN!


Hi everyone

Just a heads up. For anyone that that lives in the area and would like to

attend the next park work shop meeting it will be next Tuesday (Aug 10th) at 3pm

in the main commissioners chambers. We will be reviewing everything from

Tuesday nights commissioner meeting and coming up with a plan for the next one. The

county finalized the dates for the next few meetings, contingent upon a yes

vote for each meeting.


1) Sept 13th-2nd hearing and vote for ordinance change. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY

SUBJECT FOR THE NIGHT. They know we will be in large numbers.

2) Sept 30th- Planning & Zoning hearing and conditional use permit submittal.

Very important also, They recommended to the commissioners to vote down

the park 3 weeks ago. They didn't advertise the meeting in enough advance

for everyone to show up. They told the commissioners there

wasn't enough community support.

3) Oct 5th- Commissioners vote on conditional use permit.

Hopefully the Final big decision.

I will be sending out new flyers soon. Thanks again for everyone's help and




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