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Hey there...

Did a search and read LOTS of stuff on exhaust systems and opinions, etc... What I'm interested in are the facts and opinions of those of you who have tried and tested the common slip-on cans from Yoshi, Big Gun, 4Strokes Only, and White Bros. What I've got is a 96 XR600 with an old fallin apart SuperTrapp and need to do a replacement (all the insides are rattled apart)... basically I'm looking for the best in durabilty, most bang for the buck. I've ported the stock header to match the head and am happy with that performance increase.

Oh Ya, since I live in Kali I haffa be PC with the spark arrestors and such. They really do give tickets out here :thumbsup:


Performance pipes are usually designed for motocross applications. Companies then bend pipe to fit other non-motocross type bikes. IN the case of large displacement four strokes issues seem to rise with aftermarket pipe longevity.

What may last 3 seasons or more of motocross will usually rattle apart in a year or less of the far far far higher milages most large four strokes see. The XR 600/650 and the 650L are extreme examples of dirt bikes that EASILY do 15,000 miles or more without major overhauls. Thats over 450 hours of use. Very few motocross bikes will do 450 hours.

SO the values a motocrosser will put on a aftermarket pipe: performance gains and weight savings with say 100 hours of usefull life are not those of most large displacement 4 strokes. Bigger bikes need performance gains, weight savings but most of all durability.

To my knowledge no pipes are designed with long term (500 hour) durability other than the stock pipe--which is a fantastic example of a pipe designed for long term durability.

To my knowledge all of the major brands of aftermarket pipes are just modified motorcross pipes-certainly not purpose built pipes desgined for large high milage 4 strokes.

Certainly the workmanship of some pipes is better than others--the Moriwaki getting kudos in this department. Still all the pipes i have seen follow the motocrossers desire for larger headers, a lightweight mid section, and a super light can with a flimsy hangers or a inherently weak welded bracket. The supertrapp/basani/white bros discs being an exception---an exception that often melts fenders or even catches fire-unless it rattles apart first...as you found out!

Maybe some day somebody will build us super durable all steel pipes with permanent baffles for muffling: tapered from a smaller header that will allow enough back pressure for a fun bottom end. Tuned tapering for an improvement in top end performance. Just like Team Honda uses in Baja-and KTM at Dakar.

Still ya gotta get a pipe for you scoot. How about the excellent and long lasting stocker?

I threw a stock xr600 muffler away and the trashman wouldn't take said the trashcan was too heavy! LOL

I've got the FMF Q and I'm happy with the fit and finish and the sound level has a nice tone not to quiet but not to noisy and has a approved spark arrestor :thumbsup:

Hey Flyinw,

I have a 94' XR650L. I have run 3 different exhaust(not including the stock pipe). The first was an FMF mega max II pipe. The pipe was a good overall, tuneable, pipe. I had issues with the exhaust gasses hitting the fender and turn signal on that side. I removed that pipe, one fender and turn signal later. :awww: Next was a Cobra ISDE pipe. Good aggressive sound, good power. Mounting brackets were welded to the can and fit perfectly. My issue on this pipe was packing. A good season's worth of riding and the packing is history. It is however it is an easy pipe to work with. The can is held in place with a band clamp at the intermidate end and a snap ring at the outlet end. My latest pipe is an FMF power core 4 "Q". I needed the quieter pipe for the AMA Dual Sport series. My bike needs to be under 96dbls. The "Q" claimes to be 94dbls. But I found that the base model "Q" will not meet that requirement. I had to purchase the 1.5" turn down to lower the sound level. The mounting straps are my only gripe about the pipe. Unlike the Cobra that had welded mounting points the FMF has 2 straps with 2 o-rings on each one. The o-rings break and the strap contacts the can. :thumbsup: I now use old inner tube sections to stop the problem. :devil: When I deciede to take this one off I will go back with the stock pipe with an after market insert to tune the pipe. Like the other post noted oem was made for the long haul.

Ray H.

Hey Mikekay..

You Said...

How about the excellent and long lasting stocker?

I didn't consider the stocker just cuz of the weight factor... I mean this little piggie weighs lots more than I do! And I thought that the stocker was a 10+ lb beast!

So of course I thought that the weight savings was a major issue...

Now is the stock pipe tunable? Can you trim the weight? If so, How? :thumbsup:


For sure the stocker is heavy--but aftermarket is only going to shave 3-4 lbs. So the 296lber goes down to 293lbs... :thumbsup:

The stocker can be worked a bit by changing the end cap--or by some major surgery on the baffles inside the can.

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