November 17th, 2004


6:00 am at the Baja 1000 starting line...

Factory KTM 625 based bike raced by Dakar veteran Richard Sainct


Factory Honda 650 based bike raced by Baja veteran Steve Hengveld

Chopjaw---want to make a little wager?!

Umm Can I get in on this? And I'm willing to lay down pink slips on this wager. Would love to sell your KTM so I can go get a CRF450! :thumbsup::devil::awww:

If any of you Honda boys wanna start drag racing 650's, I think I can make some time for that!

Now on this KTM vs. Honda in November... Are Johnny and Steve gonna stay on coarse this year???

~ Ken

I've seen Johhny race down at the Baja Races multiple times and it is unbelievable how fast this guy goes. WFO 117+ mph in the desert. Unbelievable to watch the control level. NO bike would touch his with all the mods he has had done.

I bet Chopjaw could beat him!! Chopjaw is my hero! Although I think I'd stab myself in the face with a screwdriver if I rode an ORANGE bike :thumbsup::devil:

Beat who?? Johnnie Campbell?? Dude put down the crack pipe. Christ you are a slow one. I bet you rode the short bus to school??? :thumbsup:

I dont know, do you??? jesus man take it easy... it's all in good fun... CHRIST!!!

You're the one gettin your panties in a bunch...I just asked a serious question is all, cause I know Ipersonally don't know their track record *shrugs* Calm down hoss :thumbsup:


I didn't ride the short bus, but I used to meet your mother after school behind it. :devil:

(btw, tell her to quit calling me?)

So uh, yeah, I figured you'd be able to smoke Johnny, as fast as you talk... :thumbsup: You've come to stir the pot... so I figure you've asked for it.

I guess the moon icon at the end of mine wasent an indication that it was a joke?? Are u sure you didnt ride the short bus. As far as my mom, when you are done, send her home. I never knew her anyway.

You seem to be able to dish it out, but if someone fires back you want to cry "I was joking I was joking!!"

guess what, we all are.

Besides, What do you expect? You come into the XR house and start running your mouth (joking or not) and claim to be here to "stir the pot" but PUHLEESE No one "stir" back!

My e-peen is bigger then yours.

Calm down killer, I guess you are right (somewhat). :thumbsup:

I wonder what setting JC has on his Scotts??? Man I bet front end barely moves?? To go pinned across the desert, THAT takes balls... I don't think that I have them that big... How bout you??

At your webpage, did you detail that show bike?? That is one nice bike...

Just sold it for 32k.


You win :thumbsup: So, far I think your bike is the only one that can truely come over here and say what you want without an argument :devil:. I was up at Stoddard Well and the 2003 Husaberg FE650e just has it all and the 2004 must be the same bike :awww: I love my XR650R and it's a rocket but, if I had to do it all over again I would have tried the 2004 Husaberg FE650e and read up on it's troubles before I bought. Hind sight is alway 20/20. Is the 6th gear thin like the KTM's? Is there some down sides to the 2004 Husaberg FE650e that you have to work through? All bikes have some troubles what have you ran into? What does it wieght? Is it realy 240 dry?

I read all about that when it cam out. Sounds like it is so loose that it will fly apart? Haven't seen one and would be a major convorsation piece but, is it ride able? Wouldn't the KX 500 be just as fun and you still be alive to talk about it? :thumbsup: I like stuff that just make you go WoW Like the 50 cal. BMG but, it has to work for the long haul.

I went to this group http://www.4strokes.com/forums/ to look around and joined.....put my info in and all the stuff about my bike.......they will not let you use Barnum, BarnumPro, Barnums, it deletes it out of the message and puts not allowed :thumbsup: what a trip.

it deletes it out of the message and puts not allowed

They'll also ban you for posting links to ThumperTalk, Yahoo, DRI, DRN, etc. Several people here on TT have been banned from the 4strokes site. The guy who runs it 'Lloyd Conner' is a true prick according to several people who used to help out running that site and I've heard all kinds of entertaining stories about him from people who said they know/knew him. There's several people here on TT and other places like DRI that can give you more info about this :thumbsup: character :devil:


Still it's is a trip :thumbsup:

We can all have issues at times :devil:

Barnum doesn't run a group does he? What did he do to this guy?

Barnum doesn't run a group (I don't think he'd have tome to even if he wanted to) and I don't think he ever did anything to that creep, but I've heard that guy has done all kinds of things to various people for little or no reason and I've heard these stories from several folks. He boots anybody for posting links to any business if that business doesn't advertise with them.

Ya, I knew he didn't but, now that you brought up advertising I get it. Give me Money or your out....but, lots of business' don't advertise with him and he singles out Barnum not XR's only or Scott's this is strange maybe I'll ask :thumbsup:

Talk to some of the folks at Dirt Riders International for more info on the 4stokes guy. Maybe Rob knows him too or dealt with him???

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